febrero 04, 2014

We're back!

Yes, I know, we skipped 2013, I am sorry... it was too difficult to keep up with the news, things just kept coming at us, and we didn't have time to write what was happening, because we were just too busy living it!

The main news: we patented a new cajon pedal that hits on the side and a special cajon that goes with it, and then found out that the same pedal could also be used for the front panel, so it was like "make an invention, get one free!".
The patent was made together with Leiva Percussion, to strenghten our bonds with a company that we like and that we work well with.
Because we're nice guys, really...we have many friends :)  one of them,  Manu Masaedo, was a revelation in 2013.
We knew he was a world class percussionist and drummer, but we also discovered that he is a hell of a singer and songwriter too!!!
Therefore, we decided to back him up and help him producing his first record, which is going to come out really soon.
We did this with another great friend of ours, a wizard of sound engineering, Kiko Caballero.
He recorded all the Cajon Flamenco dvd, so we knew him very well, plus, he happens to be very good friend with Manu, so we hit it really well together.
The record is coming out soon, so, people get ready!

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